TOP     validate_form.js: System Requirements

Basic requirements

validate_form.js requires JavaScript.

For the documentation to remember what compression level you have chosen, cookies are required.

Browser compatibility

Please please please tell me what browsers it works (or does not work) in for you. :'  )

validate_form.js is compatible with the following browsers (All platforms Windows unless noted):

validate_form.js does not work in these browsers:

TOP     Using validate_form.js: Installation

Follow these steps to start using validate_form.js:

  1. Download the latest stable version of the 'use' archive from
  2. Explode it into, say,
    So, ${VFJS_ROOT} (see below) is now equal to
  3. With your mouse, select and copy the tutorial source code from the bottom of any of the tutorial pages, and paste it into a new document. Say...
  4. Start off with standard compression, as it has error checking you'll need as you get familiar. So change all instances of...
    ../../../js_stdc/     (or ../../../js_maxc/, or ../../../js_uncompressed/)
  5. Load up the page in a web browser, and try to enter a bogus integer. You may try, but you will not succeed :'  )
  6. Walk through each of the tutorials to learn the basics, and use the rest of the documentation as reference.
  7. Good luck! Support can be obtained through the user forums.

TOP  BACK     Using validate_form.js: Directory Structure

Only one of these directories, depending on which level of compression you choose, are absolutely required for validate_form.js to function.


TOP     Building validate_form.js: Installation

To contribute to the validate_form.js project, you'll need to build it:

  1. Install Sun's Java Runtime Environment, version 1.3 (at least) and Jakarta's Ant, version 1.5 (at least).
  2. Download the latest stable version of the 'source_code' archive from
  3. Explode it into, say,
    So, ${VFJS_ROOT} (see below) is now equal to
  4. In
    configure every variable in the 'Properties you need to change' section, as appropriate for your environment:
  5. At a command prompt, navigate to
  6. Type ant -projecthelp for a listing of all targets, and ant all_everything for a full backup-and-install build.
    To create build_vf.log, execute the commands (as appropriate for your operating system) as echo-ed by ant print_log_cmds
  7. Good luck! Support can be obtained through the developer forums.

TOP  BACK     Building validate_form.js: Build-Java Dependencies

The Java code in the install_build process (all part of packages named vfjava or vfjava.compress) has the following external dependencies:

All of the run-times for these dependencies are included in the 'install_build' archive you downloaded.

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