GO JavaScript file Summary
... validate_form The heart of the validate_form.js project, and the only file you need to import (via <SCRIPT SRC="...).
... vf_gtUsrErrCnt Analyzes a form's values, as provided by your users, and generates user-error messages as necessary.
... vf_dbgVF Debug a form's vf-related information in a series of configurable alert() boxes.
... vf_cibVFCfg Analyzes your vf-configuration, and crashes with descriptive error messages when necessary.
... vf_obj_dgnstcs Functions to diagnose and display information regarding FLStats and CmptblOTA objects.
... vf_stASIF Add your own sif-attributes to the existing set of vf-attributes.
... si_fmt Define and manage a "string-integer" format, to be used by validate_form.js to enforce values are legal values for items such as phone numbers, zip codes and social security numbers.
... fl_stats A wrapper for form objects (the form itself and elements therein).
... util_array Random, standalone functions for array analysis.
... util_string Random functions for creating, manipulating and analyzing strings.
... utility Random, standalone functions.
... crash_if Functionality to 'crsh' when certain conditions are met.
... util_form Random, standalone functions for form analysis.
... test_and_xmpl Functions related to unit testing, and displaying example code.
... will_be_elim The functions in this class were used in previous versions, but will be permanently eliminated in future versions. Grab them while the grabbing is still hot.

Notes on JavaScript documentation

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