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Get a free hat when you buy Red Hat Linux 7 Professional.
Get a free hat when you buy Red Hat Linux 7 Professional.
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Get Started With Cascading Style Sheets

Try the Style-O-Mattic

By Matt Rotter and Charity Kahn
(9/3/97, updated 11/2/00 by Paul Anderson)

Developing style sheets is often a matter of trial and error. But we've made it easy for you with the Style-O-Mattic, courtesy of CNET staffer Matt Rotter. Just enter some text into the text field; then select from the font, background, text, and box properties and their values. Your results will appear in the window below. If you don't like what you see, just make a few new selections. To start over completely, click the Reset button.

When you've got a look you want, click the View Source button; the source code for the style will appear in the bottom window. (To go back to seeing the style in the window, select View Style.) When you're ready, cut and paste the code from the bottom window into your own HTML document. It's styling made easy!

Try the Style-O-Mattic now!

Note: We're sticking with supported W3C specifications here, so this tool covers only CSS1. Presently it works only with Navigator 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0 and later, so download one of these if you need to. At present, no browser supports all of the Style-O-Mattic's functionality.

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  • Try the Style-O-Mattic

Matt Rotter and Charity Kahn are software engineers for Paul Anderson is an associate technical editor for CNET

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Get a free hat when you buy Red Hat Linux 7 Professional.
Get a free hat when you buy Red Hat Linux 7 Professional.
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